Driving Mahidol University toward World Class University through Technology and Innovation


Create excellence in management To drive technology and innovation of Mahidol University for the benefit and happiness of humanity


Institute for Technology and Innovation Management a unit structure who acts as a coordinator with various agencies Both inside and outside the university consists of 5 tasks that will work together, namely

1. Division of Research and Academic ServicesTake care of academic services research contract Receiving proposals and project performance reports from external agencies expert register Establish a database of research/academic service projects linked to the university database.

2.Division of Technology CommercializationProvide guidance and training on intellectual property protection, carry out notifications, promote utilization, and transfer of technology derived from intellectual property. Take care of the benefits of researchers and universities resulting from the use of intellectual property.

3.Division of Entrepreneurial EcosystemImplement projects that promote the establishment of an entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovation activities in line with the government’s policy to support Thailand 4.0 . Foster startup creation and support universities in establishing businesses from new innovations, as well as support researchers in collaborating with external organizations to generate research work for innovation.

4.Division of Strategy and Corporate CommunicationsResponsible for strategic planning, policy and plan development, human resources, organizational communication and public relations, as well as technology and information-related tasks to support various missions of the institution.

5.Division of AdministrationSupport the efficient and ethical operation of the institution, overseeing all support systems including finance and accounting, legal affairs, human resources, records management, procurement, as well as administrative and coordination work to support various missions of the institution.

LIFT Strategy

L: Local LinkBuild connectivity within Mahidol as well as in the country through the iNT Ecosystem Platform, including the creation of an Experimental Space network.
I: International linkCollaborate with the International Relations Division Leading Mahidol University and partners to international cooperation.
F: Future LinkConnect with the private sector to create opportunities for the future and prepare for future changes.
T: Technology LinkBuild an iNT Incubator and Accelerator for Deep Tech to expand the opportunities of various faculties and innovation of the country.

LIFT Strategy of iNT Mahidol