The “Mahidol Collection” appears to be an emblem or identity with significant elements derived from the architecture of the “Siddhathari Building” at Mahidol University. It is used to represent the quality of products and innovations originating from the university. This symbol serves to illustrate that the university can leverage inventions or creations for diverse advancements and applications.

The “Mahidol Collection” emblem for commerce can be used for disseminating, advertising, and promoting intellectual property, research achievements, and innovations of Mahidol University, both in an academic and commercial context. This includes its use for offering research services or academic services provided by the university. In essence, it serves as a symbol to represent and market the university’s intellectual assets and research contributions to a wider audience, be it for educational or commercial purposes.

The use of the Mahidol Collection follows the formats and conditions:

If you intend to use the Mahidol Collection, please contact the Commercial Technology Transfer Division at the Institute of Management and Innovation via email at