History of Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (iNT)

Institute for Technology and Innovation Management or iNT It is a department of Mahidol University that aims to present research results and technology The university becomes a center for innovation at the national and international level. By giving great importance to promoting the extension of research to be used to create innovations, products, or services that meet the needs of society. Helps to improve the quality of life of the people. Including adding value to research for commercial use.

At Mahidol University, there are professors, researchers, staff, and students with expertise in various fields. To drive Mahidol University to become a World Class University, there has been the establishment of vital units to oversee and manage various bodies of knowledge for over 40 years, starting from the establishment of the Center for Applied Research and Academic Management in 1999 and the cancellation and merging of units into two units, namely the Intellectual Property Management Center and the Knowledge Development Center. Subsequently, the two aforementioned units were merged into the Mahidol Institute of Technology Transfer and Innovation (MITI), which has evolved into the Institute of Technology and Innovation Management (iNT) at Mahidol University. Currently, it serves as the main unit supporting intellectual property management and commercialization, research and academic services, promoting entrepreneurial ecosystems, and fostering research and innovation collaborations between Mahidol University and various entities in all sectors, be it public or industrial, to promote and cultivate innovations that can be beneficial both commercially and socially. This transforms Mahidol University into an Entrepreneurial University, aiming to become a hub for innovation management at both national and international levels going forward.

The establishment of the Institute of Technology and Innovation Management (iNT) is aimed at creating a mechanism to drive the university’s internal operations to assist the industrial sector and communities through research and innovation development. This aims to achieve excellence in technology and innovation management, ultimately transforming the university into a globally recognized institution through technology and innovation for the benefit of humanity.