Video laryngoscope respiratory tube set


A video laryngoscope is a device equipped with a camera that can project images onto a screen and record them. One of its advantages is that the person inserting the breathing tube into the throat does not need to bend close to the patient’s face, reducing the risk of infection or exposure to the patient’s secretions. Additionally, it allows for reviewing the intubation process later. However, many hospitals in remote areas still do not have access to such equipment. Researchers have developed a simpler video laryngoscope device with a less complex mechanism that can be easily manufactured by general technicians, provided they have a good prototype, affordable materials, and performance comparable to commercially available video laryngoscope devices on the market.

Technology readiness level





Technology strengths

Designing and using equipment that can be adjusted or flexed according to the shape of the patient’s neck.

There are multiple sizes available for use with patients of different neck sizes.

It can be used simultaneously with up to 5 devices with different operating systems, all of which can record both images and videos.


Dr. Phanorn Chalermdamrichai and colleagues

Coordinator: Technology Commercialization