Comprehensive treatment kit for heartburn


There are several types of devices for treating internal hemorrhoids. Firstly, there are suction devices, which cause less pain to patients compared to treatment with clamping instruments. Then, there are electric suction devices, which offer the advantage of being more convenient and faster to use during procedures. However, the drawback is that electric suction devices may exert excessive suction force, causing discomfort to some patients. Another type is the vacuum pipe suction method, which allows manual control of the suction force by the treating physician. This method enables the physician to reduce suction force when the patient experiences pain. However, the cumbersome shape of the vacuum pipe suction tube may not be conducive to treatment posture and can be challenging to use due to its large size. Researchers have developed a vacuum pipe suction device that can suction, grasp, and release the rubber band inside the device. This device combines the treatment process into one, making the procedure more convenient and faster, thereby reducing patient discomfort.

Technology readiness level





Technology strengths

Easy, convenient operation helps reduce patient discomfort.

Reducing the risk of infection for patients.


Saowaros Panichvisai and colleagues

Coordinator: Technology Commercialization