Process for extracting active ingredients from ginger in the form of water-soluble powder

เซลล์ภูมิคุ้มกันบำบัดที-เซลล์ แบบลูกผสมที่มีความจำเพาะต่อโปรตีนของเซลล์มะเร็งเต้านม


A method for extracting bioactive compounds from ginger rhizomes involves considering various factors such as the harvest age of the ginger, the chemicals used, different conditions, and the extraction process steps. This method aims to obtain bioactive extracts that can exert pharmacological effects without showing toxicity to cells, ensuring the extracts can be used more safely.

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A method for extracting ginger to obtain bioactive compounds that can exert pharmacological effects without exhibiting cellular toxicity. This ensures the extracted compounds can be used safely in the production of various pharmaceutical products.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Suparerk Borwornpinyo and colleagues

Coordinator: Technology Commercialization