Formulation for hydrogen production, Alternative energy

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            Hydrogen, as a renewable energy source, is a gas composed mainly of methane, hydrogen gas, and carbon dioxide. It is a high-heat energy source that can be used as an alternative to gasoline and diesel fuel. Hydrogen can be produced through two processes: 1) Natural sources, and 2) Biological processes

            In the biological process of hydrogen production, fermentation is used to produce hydrogen and methane. While conventional production methods often use chemical substances for fermentation, this innovation suggests using residual materials from industries as fermentation substrates. This approach can reduce costs and potentially generate revenue from selling the produced hydrogen.

Technology readiness level





Technology strengths

Using the formulated mixture proposed in this invention can significantly reduce the cost of chemicals compared to producing hydrogen with other types of mixtures.

Using the formulated mixture as proposed in this invention results in higher yields of hydrogen production.

It’s the utilization of industrial waste such as flocculant, which would otherwise incur disposal costs, as a component that allows for cost reduction.


Assoc. Prof. Dr.Sureewan Sittijanda and colleagues

Coordinator: Technology Commercialization