‘Mahidol Incubation’ Incubating Innovators, Becoming Real Startups

'Mahidol Incubation'  บ่มเพาะนวัตกร สู่การเป็น Startup ตัวจริง
บทสัมภาษณ์พิเศษ จากทีมที่ผ่านการคัดเลือก ได้รับทุนสนับสนุนการสร้างต้นแบบผลิตภัณฑ์เชิงพาณิชย์ 
ภายใต้โครงการ Mahidol Incubation Program 2021

‘Mahidol Incubation Program’ The project Incubates innovators with creative ideas to drive technology and innovation into the market and apply them practically in society. Today, iNT had the opportunity to speak with 5 selected startups that received funding support for commercial product prototype development under the Mahidol Incubation Program 2021. They discussed their concepts, ideas, starting points that sparked their interest in starting a startup business, and the challenges they encountered along the way. Each team provided interviews.

The important reason that makes us turn our attention to the startup scene is because we know that in today’s era, solely relying on our expertise may not be sufficient to fully develop technology or solve the problems we encounter 100%. Therefore, we need to seek expertise in other areas to complement what is lacking, to improve and develop existing technology to meet the needs of society, including our faculties and universities, which need to adapt and have goals to drive expertise and our work into society. Enhancing the quality of life for the public. Engaging in startups is the answer that allows us to quickly spin off and drive technology into society faster than solely focusing on fulfilling the main mission.

Team HeaRTHS

ทีม HeaRTHS โครงการ Mahidol Incubation Program 2021

Team MU Robotics

It all starts with knowing our own needs first, the desire to have our own business, coupled with the trend of startups playing a role in the business sector. Collaborating with team members who ignite ideas together and believe that our technology can make a difference, we decided to venture into startup territory. We see Deep Tech Startup as a technology that can further advance and benefit society today. Our technology can adapt and evolve according to society’s needs in the future.

Our startup is born from confidence, believing firmly that our technology has numerous strengths and advantages that can be pushed into the market, attract real users, and grow. It also stems from the passion of our team, ready to compete and embrace new opportunities continuously. The most challenging aspect for us is going out to explore user needs, investigating how many people want to use our technology, learning about business models, business planning, and market research. These are all new things we have learned extensively from participating in this program, broadening our perspective significantly.

ทีม HeaRTHS โครงการ Mahidol Incubation Program 2021

Team TEAnity

ทีม HeaRTHS โครงการ Mahidol Incubation Program 2021

Team CaCao Tech

We are scientists familiar with technology, but what’s difficult and challenging in starting up is team management, allocating time and responsibilities within the team, as well as marketing skills, which are not our expertise. Everyone has to learn a lot about this. With this program, mentors are there to provide guidance and expertise in business, helping us overcome those challenges to some extent.

We have learned a great deal from this program. The project staff and mentors have taken good care of us and provided excellent assistance. Initially, we thought that startups were something distant from us. We only had one idea, and we were unsure if there would be any opportunity. However, this program has allowed us to learn and explore many aspects. From having just an intangible idea, we now have a prototype of our innovation, and we see the possibility of pushing our technology to become even better.

Team OhWOW !

From ideation to actual implementation, Mahidol Incubation has Incubated knowledge, experiences, and learning about the challenges that startups face. It can be called a field of learning ready to provide opportunities for everyone with innovative ideas, ready to support and incubate innovators to become real startups, enabling them to drive new innovations into society and promote a better quality of life for the future.