Training mannequin to practice anesthetic injection skills by injecting drugs into the back of the eye

เซลล์ภูมิคุ้มกันบำบัดที-เซลล์ แบบลูกผสมที่มีความจำเพาะต่อโปรตีนของเซลล์มะเร็งเต้านม


            Injecting medication into the back of the eye is a method used to numb pain and immobilize the patient’s eye, making it easier for the ophthalmologist to perform surgery. However, this method can lead to complications such as retrobulbar hemorrhage, globe perforation, retinal detachment, optic nerve injury, or inadvertent injection into blood vessels, which can pose serious risks to the patient, including vision loss or even death. To address this, a training mannequin has been developed to simulate the administration of medication into the back of the eye. This tool is used for teaching and training medical students in ophthalmology residency programs, allowing them to practice and gain confidence in administering injections safely before performing them on real patients.

Technology readiness level





Technology strengths

Can make the procedure accurate.

Reduce the risk of complications from injections.

Enhance the effectiveness of injections.


 Assoc. Prof. Somanus Thoongsuwan and colleagues

Coordinator: Technology Commercialization