Keep the Rights you have, Register Patents, and Protect Intellectual Property

Because works of thought that are created and developed are considered ‘inventions’ that can be used to benefit society. It’s something valuable. Deserving of legal protection.

3 Important Reasons Why You Need to Patent !!!

  1. To protect the rights of the work and Prevent being infringed Not let other people produce or invent the same work as you.
  2. To make sure that “You” are the true and legal owner of this invention
  3. If they want to use your work for commercial use (License), of course, your work must be certified for patenting and intellectual property protection only.

For teachers, researchers, and personnel of Mahidol University who want to inquire about information or wish to have your work registered for a patent/petty patent, You can contact and inquire at Institute of Technology and Innovation Management (iNT) Call 02-849-6056